Friday, October 30, 2009

Society of Virtual Communicators...

I've noticed recently that there have been a few communications with friends of mine where I too often say "Did you tell me that in person or did I read it on your facebook comment?"; or "Did you say that in an email to me?"...Now, we all know that the digital age is a "necessary evil" - it helps our society and way of living in more efficient ways but it also hurts certain traditional customs that should be maintained. I fear that we will one day (and this is not too far off in the near future) have so much virtual communication that it will seem as though we are communicating regularly via digital communication and some of the little things will be passed over (ie. hidden intent, gestures, voice inflections, necessary pauses, etc.) that appear in reality. We have to arm ourselves - with a sense of conscientiousness and discipline that forces us to stop, realize that a phone conversation is necessary; or an in person meeting; or a quick visit to give that sense of actual personal interaction where nothing is lost and every aspect of communication is utilized. Don't get me wrong, I love email, social networks, business networks, and of course using this blog to get some thoughts off of my mind onto "virtual paper". But we have to acknowledge that it can be a slippery slope into taking advantage of a tool to replace what should never be separated from human interaction - face to face communication. It is essential that we all take stock in our lives and see if we use the tools around us too much. That we should consider picking up the phone or going to pay someone a visit. It will always mean so much more to talk to someone or see them in person. Hopefully those values and common threads through cultures will not be misplaced as we move forward in this wonderful digital age. Now pick up the phone; give a friend a call; and talk to them...don't send them a text. Who knows, you might like it.


- Brian

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Topic - Choose a Side...

Choosing a side is hard. Wrong or Right. Good or Bad. Life or Death. You have to choose a side. If you don't make a decision, you will just lie in limbo waiting for fate to take control of you rather than you taking control of fate. Some decisions hurt more than other but the proactive decision-maker is the one that stays ahead of the curve and happier with the overall path in life. Whether they make a mistake and learn from it or choose the right solution and gain from it. There is always a gift to be given in the process. Take it and grow in wisdom.

- The Spangler Scribe